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Hey Dawg! Let's Pawty!

If you love to party with your dog, Lucky Dog is your hot spot! Fetch a day pass to use the building or outdoor field for your own dog's special occasion, or for your club's seminar or other event. Our 1200 sf training and party room has 1/2" rubber flooring for good traction and safety for playing dogs. Our outdoor training field is fully fenced, and covered in soft grass.

Please contact us for more information about a membership pass and holding your next pooch party at Lucky Dog. (Click here for more information about our facility.)

Some party occasion ideas include:

Puppy Parties

Dog Milestone Parties- birthdays, "weddings", graduation & "Bark Mitzvahs"

Fun, friendly obedience/training games parties,

Howl-oween costume parties, celebrations including Valentine's Day or Christmas,

New puppy shower or doggy adoption (new members of the family deserve a special celebration!

Graduation (from obedience school!) parties.

We do not, however, allow use of the facility for members to give private dog training lessons.

Tips for a Fun Pawty!

  • Size Matters: Canine guest need a sufficient amount of space and supervision. Lucky Dog has a perfect, safe space for your guests. Do it yourself, or we can help you plan it.

  • Pick of the Litter: Consider the guest list. The key element to a successful human event is to invite a stimulating group of guests but at a canine event, the mix is in the interest of safety. Your party should be limited to dogs with compatible personalities and good manners. Dogs that are already familiar with each other from the dog run, neighborhood or doggy day care center will be most likely to play politely.

  • Bone fido Invitation: Every good hosts knows that the invitation sets the tone for the party. Consider breed stationery to match that of your guest of honor. For a truly special invitation, have a pet photographer take a special picture of you and your beautiful pet. Remember to include the date, time, location, RSVP information and the words All canine guests must be accompanied by their owners. Remember, invitations should be sent out at least three weeks before the day of the party. Ask us for help in finding great invitations.

  • Dog Play: If you are the kind of host who loves to create an unforgettable event, have lots of fun doggie games planned. We can make suggestions. You may want to consider hiring an obedience instructor who can teach party guests, old and new, some tricks. Easy and safe agility exercises are an especially fun idea. Watching Harry, the Great Dane, barrel through tunnels is just as much fun as watching Sophie, a Toy Poodle, discover her athletic ability on a low hurdle. Be sure that the agility obstacles you use are safe for all participants. This is not the time to be running over a tall A-frame where someone can get hurt or scared.

  • Chow Hounds: Dogs will enjoy a special doggie birthday cake (and be sure to have lots of goodies for the human guests to enjoy). We can organize that for you. Or if you prefer baking yourself, liver cupcakes topped with cream cheese and peanut butter icing are a bit hit with the kibble crowd. Do not forget the beverage of choice at these dogged affairs is cool, fresh water.

  • Pooper Scoop: Have plenty of plastic bags hand for cleaning up do's and don'ts. And if the party is indoors, make sure there are rolls of paper towels and spray cleaner as well.

  • Treats to Go: Once the party is over, send your guest home with doggy bags. Fill them with yummy, healthful treats and perhaps a toy. After all those snacks, you always want to look after your canine friends.



Special Events

Special events celebrate and enhance the special relationship we share with our canine companions.

If you would like to be kept informed of scheduled events, please be sure you are on our emailing list. To join the list, just go to our contact page and send us your info (which is always kept confidential).



Mini Seminar- Amp Up Your Skills

Fetch Better Agility Performance

This is a 3-hour session

Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Nervous at agility trials, or thinking about your first one? In this one day, 3-hour agility skills class you will learn how to perform more effectively at agility trials. You will be doing, watching (your run and others on video), discussing and evaluating at this mock trial that will feel like the real thing. Come play with us for this single-session 3-hour seminar. We will try to recreate the emotions and pressure of an actual agility trial to help you prepare and succeed at the real one.

This is how it will work:
--You will have 8 minutes to walk your course.
--You will have to mark off your name at the ring gate and enter the ring when the gate steward tells you to do so.
--You will run your course within a specified time frame where there will be a mock judge and ring crew and do your best no matter what happens.
--There will be no instruction on handling choices initially but you will be videotaped.
--After each run the instructor will review your video with you, provide instruction, and you will be able to run the course again.
--There will be multiple courses for novice to masters level dogs.

This seminar is for those already trialing, or ready to trial.

Prerequisite: Your dog can be anywhere from a non-trialing dog to competing at the masters level but should, at a minimum, be sequencing at least 15 obstacles competently in a row.

Fee for working spot (with dog): $65
Maximum of 8 working teams.

Fetch a Working Spot Now

Fee to Audit (participate without your dog): $30 (Unlimited number)
Register to audit

Instructor: Paula Kvarnberg

C.L.A.S.S. Evaluation & Test (B.A. level)

--Not scheduled)

You've worked diligently with your dog and have a wonderful canine companion with good social skills. It's time to put it to the test! Here's how to do that.

Step 1:
Register for the test: When you register, choose the time period that works for you. There is only one evaluation per half hour period.
for the test is $29

Step 2:
Create a C.L.A.S.S. program Student Account at the APDT website so that your score can be posted.

Step 3:
Read the Student Handbook for the evaluation. This handbook also contains great information about dog behavior and training.

Step 4:
Familiarize yourself with the B.A. Test and Scoring Guidelines.

--Want more information?

C.L.A.S.S. stands for Canine Life And Social Skills. Every level of the C.L.A.S.S. program (there are 3) has a formalized evaluation you can take to test your (and your dog's) skills.

The BAwalking nicely on leash level test is similar to the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test (but C.L.A.S.S. is governed by the APDT, Association of Professional Dog Trainers, not the AKC.) You will also have taken the first step toward the real-life skills required to pass tests for therapy dog work or just know that you have trained a solid canine citizen.

At the B.A. level, the use of treats as rewards after the completion of an exercise is allowed and encouraged.

Don't know if you are ready to take the test? Watch a video that demonstrates the B.A. level skills tested in the evaluation: Click Here to Watch.

The C.L.A.S.S. (B.A. level) test includes:
--Wait at the Door;
--Come and Leashing Up Manners;
--Loose Leash Walking and Attention;
--Meet and Greet;
--Leave It;
--Wait for the Food Bowl;
--Give and Take;
--and two optional bonus tricks

Register for the test.
Get validation and feel proud for how hard you've worked and how awesome your dog is, or find out what you need to work on.

If you took our 6-week class you may be ready now for the test. If not, consider registering for our
6-week class, My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S.
It will prepare you and your dog for this evaluation and will teach your dog social skills to make him or her a more fun, reliable companion.

Barb Davis Agility Seminar

We are thrilled to have 9 time AKC Agility World Team member Barb Davis scheduled to give a working agility seminar at Lucky Dog.

Read what particpants have said about her seminars.

2017 Dates are not yet scheduled. Please let us know if you'd like to be informed.

All workshops run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and every date will have different courses and skills taught.

Barb is very popular as an agility seminar presenter due to her ability to break things down for students and explain and clarify concepts. She has an excellent eye and is able to pinpoint simple training exercises for handlers to work on at home to improve coursework.

Most errors in the agility ring occur because the dog misunderstands what the handler is asking of them. Barb will work with participants to improve the handler’s ability to communicate with their dog on the agility field. Handlers will learn the key role that their body language plays in cuing the dog. Also Barb will speak and work with handlers about the many facets involved in correct implementation of the many agility moves and crosses. She will also work with handlers on ways to keep their dogs motivated and running with enthusiasm. Barb is a big proponent of each handler learning to augment and enhance their handling system to create a handling style that works for them and their dog.

Participants: We have room for 8 working teams on each day and an unlimited number of auditing spots. Lunch is on your own (though you are welcome to eat out with the group).

Young Dog Foundation Skills

For dogs 5 months of age and older.

--Not yet scheduled

Time: Class runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Foundation skills are important for both you and your dog to have more fun and be more effective. By teaching yourself and your dog all the foundation skills, you set the stage for success. From the beginning you will be building towards a solid agility future of fast, independent, and reliable obstacle performance, while incorporating proper handling. The seminar will teach you how to establish good habits for both you and your dog.

Here are some of the things you will work on in this seminar:

• How to create a fabulous working relationship with your new agility partner;

• How to create drive and motivation;

• How to teach your canine teammate impulse control. Self control on the start line can change your life in agility;

• Build team skills. Handlers will learn how to place themselves in the correct position so their dog moves more easily and efficiently on the path you give them. This will make your dog safer and more confident.

• Your dog will play agility games to learn important skills such as using their body more effectively; moving away from you to do an agility obstacle; understanding your lateral position in relation to an obstacle; using their body correctly; turning tightly around a jump standard or cone; and how to work on either side of you and switch effectively.

• Foundation equipment skills may be introduced including weaves and contacts, including the teeter. You will learn how to train certain skills so that your dog can eventually do these obstacles with confidence.

• Whether your team is new to agility, need to fix some problem areas, or want to be a more effective team, this is the foundation handling seminar that will help you. This seminar will help with the skills needed for a solid foundation in agility. All work will be done either without jumps or very low ones. etc).

Space for only 8 teams (unlimited auditors).

Fundamentals of Success.

This is for dogs running Novice to Open.

Time: Every class runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

--Not yet scheduled

Barb will be sure you have the core fundamentals necessary to handle your team with precision and improve your dog's understanding of your cues on course. No matter at what level your dog is currently running, you will go home with greater skills and understanding. This day is perfect for those that are novice or intermediate (but already sequencing with some success), and also for those that need to build a better, stronger foundation for more consistent results. Whether you're newer to the sport, or the handler with an advanced dog in need of techniques to make you a better team, Barb will work with you individually to help build the skills you need. No matter your skill level, you will improve as a communicator and handler so your dog will know exactly what is expected of him or her on course. This creates a more confident, faster dog and more effective team.

In this seminar Barb will work with individual teams to improve performance by:

• Working on handling skills;

• Improving communicating with your dog;

• Smoothing out crosses and timing;

• Teaching which handling moves work best in different situations;

• Helping with any motivational issues;

• Working on problems with particular obstacles.

Space for only 8 teams (unlimited auditors).

Mastering Handling Skills

Three dates with different information, skills, and exercises. Take one or all!

This is for experienced dogs running Open to Masters.

Time: Every class runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

--Not yet scheduled

Have you ever missed a “Q” or a placement because your timing was off? Handling can be one of the most difficult components of agility training to perfect. Barb will be able to improve your handling skills no matter if you are in the highest levels of Masters, or are competing in Open. You will learn to navigate your team smoothly and efficiently and with greater handling skill so your dog will run cleaner and faster.

In this advanced handling seminar Barb will work with teams on many aspects of handling. Topics may include:

• Course analysis. When competing at top levels analysis becomes necessary to help the handler find places to shave off seconds;

• Setting paths that help the dog read the course;

• Smoothing out crosses;

• Methods to get the handler further down the field;

• Techniques for helping your dog learn obstacle discrimination (get fewer off courses!);

• European crosses. If you're comfortable doing different handling moves, it can save you time and get you further down the field. In addition, certain crosses can save your knees!

• Improving communication, timing, and speed which will help get you more clean runs!

• Length and difficulty of sequences will be adjusted for the dog's ability and level

You do not have to have done an earlier date to benefit from resgistering something later, but it will for sure give you a broader range of skills.

Space for only 8 working teams (must be competing in Open or Excellent)

Prerequisites for all seminars:

• All dogs must be dog-friendly. There will be times when dogs will practice skills at the same time in different parts of the field.

• Dogs should have a recall (come when called), a fairly good stay, and be non-disruptive (can focus on you without running off to socialize or zoom around the field).

Fees and Discounts for all workshops:
Working spot: $200 per day (only 8 spots are available per workshop)

Register before November 30, 2016 and receive a $50 discount per seminar date. (Register between 12/1 and before 12/31 and get a $25 discount for each workshop. After 12/31/16 there are no scheduled discounts.)

Audit (participate without your dog): $50 per day (unlimited number)
Register to audit

There is no additional discount for bringing multiple dogs from the same family. If you want to handle more than one dog, you may switch off and run a different dog for each different exercise (one dog per exercise).

Still not sure? Please read the praise about her last seminar at Lucky Dog (click here).

Registration: Click any Register link to sign up for any combination of days. Hurry, space is limited to give everyone more time to learn and practice.

Cancellation policy:
Your working spot is guaranteed only with payment. A full refund will be given if you cancel a minimum of three weeks prior to the seminar. If your notice of cancellation is between 2 and 3 weeks, you will receive a 50% refund. Cancellation less than 2 weeks from the seminar date is not refundable or transferable; however, if the seminar is full and there is someone qualified on the waiting list to take your place you will receive a full refund less a $25 withdrawal fee. (Withdrawal fee does not pertain to auditing spots.)

More About Barb Davis
I had the opportunity to train with Barb and she is really incredible. She offered wonderful insights into each dog's performance and was very knowledgable, patient, and had clear communication skills.

Barb's keen eye, quick wit, and many years as a mathematics college professor combine to make her an excellent seminar presenter. Barb is an 9 time AKC Agility World Team member with 4 different dogs and has won 9 Agility National Championships with 5 different dogs, 4 shelties and a border collie. Recent events include winning 2013 AKC Nationals with her sheltie Skecher and she was also on the World Team with him in 2013, placing 2nd in Individual Standard as well as 2011 placing 2nd in Individual Jumpers. In 2010 Barb won both AAC 26” Championship with Border Collie Zesty and 10” Specials with sheltie Rock-It at Canadian Nationals. She won the AKC Nationals in 2015 in the 12" division.
(Watch Barb run representing the US on the World Team in Italy this October 2015!)

Praise for Barb Davis
(from participants in our last Barb seminar at Lucky Dog):

We loved our class with Barb! We have been training with her since Book ' em was a pup. (She is 4 years old now) Barb is always on the cutting edge of new moves both American and European. She doesn't miss a beat and is able to assess the dog and handler quickly. Her quick wit along with her deep knowledge of the sport goes unmatched. Barb always brings new tools to training; yet never forgets that sometimes the basics are needed. Love her delivery of information and knowledge. --Angela C.

Barb's seminar was the first agility seminar (outside of my normal classes) that I had ever taken. Wow! Each individual was given special, one on one attention and she was so kind and patient, that I never felt out of place or uncomfortable. Some things became clear to me that I never had even thought of, prior to taking her seminar. I found Barb to be an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable. I would love to take another seminar with her. --Elyse T.

• I am happy to hear Barb Davis will be returning to Lucky Dog. Her last seminar was amazing. She was warm, personable and a great communicator. Her technique for handling obstacle discrimination is fantastic; I have not missed a Q using her method. She was able to give specific advice on handling tips that have made me a more confident handler. I can't wait for more Barb Davis maneuvers. --Anna S.

• Barb Davis is one of my favorite top level agility handlers to learn from. She has great instincts, a positive fun attitude, teaches appropriate skill challenges and offers fantastic feedback. She's one of the few instructors who gives seminar attendees course maps. I appreciate this since I can follow along more effectively, take notes and then squeeze more out of the seminar practicing the work at home. --Kimber C.

• Barb was great with novice me and my brave, young, charging, faster-than-me aussie. In our seminar we covered 3 types of crosses: fronts, rears and blinds and of course why you would want to do each one. This is the first time I clearly understood them, their purposes, and how to execute to the point of being thrilled with our young team on some very speedy blind crosses. Being in the right place for my dog is crucial and Barb explained and demonstrated effective handling so we could be successful. Barb is encouraging and enthusiastic in all that she does. --Diana F.

Fetch a spot now

Agility Fun Runs

This is a great opportunity to practice your agility in a different atmosphere and have some FUN with your dog. There will be two courses to challenge all levels. Do all or part of the course and practice important handling skills, whether you are at the novice level or higher. Toys and treats are allowed. NO harsh methods will be accepted. Bring your chairs, crates and water bowl for your dog (we have a hose and water fountain). Please only flat buckle collars.

Not scheduled

First run at 5:00 p.m. Gates open at 4:00 p.m.

We will be running small to big dogs this time.

(We reserve the right to cancel or change dates and times.)

REGISTER: To fetch a spot: click here

CRATING: Indoors in climate-controlled comfort (or outdoors if you prefer).

EXPERIENCE: All levels (Novice class students and up if training at Lucky Dog) are welcome to practice this nested course (novice/open and excellent). After everyone runs the first course we will reverse it and run again after walking the new course. The lighting and footing are great. Toys and treats are welcome and encouraged to reward your dog.

FEE: $10 for the first dog and $8 for each additional.

REGISTRATION: To sign up, click here. You must sign up in advance.

CANCELLATION: Please let us know if you need to cancel. Space is limited. Thanks for your understanding and consideration.

LOCATION: Lucky Dog Sports Club in Jupiter
Get Directions Here.
(Car navigation systems seem to be unreliable to Lucky Dog!)

Email if you are interested in being on our Fun Run emailing list or if you have any questions.

Agility Seminar

We will let you know when the next one is scheduled.

Please let us know what topics interest you such as improved jumping, weaving, contact obstacle skills, specific handling skills, course analysis, etc.

Pet CPR/First Aid class
Next class: Not currently scheduled

When you take this important class, veterinarian Dr. David Cox will teach Practice with a realistic resuci-dogyou many important skills that could help save the life of your pet in an emergency. You will practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a life-like dog mannequin and learn to apply first aid techniques to pets who are ill or injured until professional veterinarian help can be obtained.

Learn how to do the following:

• Safely handle and assess your injured or ill pet
• Administer medications;
• Recognize an emergency;
• Perform CPR and first aid;
• Clear an airway obstruction Control bleeding;
• Stock a pet first aid kit;
• Handle breathing emergencies;
• Safely provide restraint and transportation;
• Initially treat poisoning;
• Recognize shock;
• Splint broken bones;
• Respond to drowning;
• And more...

Dr Cox will spend time answering your questions. This class is a must for any pet lover. Class size is limited so sign up today for this unique class! (This class is for human participants only.)

• General Admission- $45 per person
• Admission- Lucky Dog members $40 per person
• Admission, 2nd Spouse- $35 for 2nd registered spouse. (Only one discount applies to the couple.)
• Admission- PWD Club Member $25 (The Portuguese Water Dog Club is underwriting this event for their members).

Registration: Click here to register (Note: be sure you have the Events list chosen and not Classes). You must sign up in advance.

Cancellation Policy for this seminar: To properly plan and maintain seminar dates we must have a clear idea about attendance. Cancellations with less than 5 day's notice will not be refunded unless we can give your spot to someone on a waiting list, so please plan carefully. If you must withdraw from a seminar, a full refund will be issued to you if such withdrawal and request for refund is made directly either to the Training Director, Mindy Cox, or to the entity sponsoring the seminar, no less than 120 hours before the start of the seminar. Regardless of the reason, no-shows without notice will not be refunded. Since we maintain limited enrollment, we appreciate your cooperation to help keep our seminars small and effective for you.

"Lucky Dog has the best classes. Pet CPR/First Aid gave us clear instructions how to handle injured dogs or cats. We learned how to give pets CPR safely, which is a real confidence builder. Training makes a difference!"
-C.D., West Palm Beach

Sanctioned Trials Lists

For a listing of all agility trials in Florida and around the country,
please go to Agility Events.

Here is a pdf list of Florida agility trials. (Thanks Tracy Hanna!)

For a listing of AKC obedience, rally, tracking and other dog events check out Info Dog, or go to the AKC site directly by clicking here.

For APDT rally events, click here.

Keep Watching For More Scheduled Special Events
at Lucky Dog Sports Club!

(Or asked to be placed on our emailing list.)

Events that we will schedule from time to time include:

Agility, Nose Work or Rally Run-Thrus so handler/dog teams can perfect their skills.

Education and Training Seminars

Canine Good Citizen Testing

Dog CPR/First Aid Classes

Special workshops and seminars

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