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Positive training will teach your dog to understand and happily respond to you. The result will be a responsive, well-adjusted dog. Always maintain a positive attitude. Don't use punishment as a training tool; instead set your dog up for success and reward it! You will be rewarded by a strong, lifelong friendship with your dog that is built on trust.

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• Barb Davis Agility Handling Seminar beginning January 2015. Register before November 30th and save $50. Register between December 1st and 31st and save $25. Barb is an 8 time AKC World Team member and 8 time National Agility Champion. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best!
• Agility Fun Runs (next one is on Sunday, Dec. 21st)

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Use Lucky Dog for Your Event

If you love to party with your dog, Lucky Dog is your hot spot! You may receive a day pass for the building or outdoor field for your own dog's special occasion, or for your club's seminar or other event.
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Lucky Dog Sports Club

Welcome to Lucky Dog Sports Club!
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  • Frustrated by your dog's behavior? Solve problems or learn new skills to have the polite and responsive dog you want.
  • You and your dog will receive lots of personalized attention to make quick work of training.
  • Only dog-friendly, positive methods will be used so you and your dog will love to learn and can learn quickly.
  • You will develop a stronger bond with your dog built on trust. That increases attention and focus.
  • We will help you avoid common problems and training pitfalls.
  • Classes are motivational and fun and there are all kinds for all breeds and ages.

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Play Time!

Things to know to keep play fun & safe whether it is play with you or with other dogs.

Does Punishment Work?

Punishment fails to teach dogs what we expect of them. It can also make the behavior worse.

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