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Focus Foundation Obedience & Manners

Focus Foundation
For a better-mannered, more obedient pooch

Tired of your dog not coming when called the first time you ask? Annoyed by a dog who drags you for a walk or doesn’t seem to notice when you’re talking to him? If your dog’s behavior has got you a bit frustrated or embarrassed, or if you just want a little more polite behavior, this class is for you.

Living with an engaged and responsive dog is one of life's greatest pleasures! We can help you enjoy a calmer and better-behaved dog.

Who is this class for? This class is for dogs around 5 months of age and older that are fine (friendly or indifferent) around other dogs and people (no aggressive lunging or barking).

Attend classes at Lucky Dog with your dog; each one is an hour a week for 5 weeks. A week prior to the first class with your dog you will get a link to your free bonus, the online webinar, "How Dogs Think & Learn" which you will watch in the comfort of your home.This will increase your skill as a trainer, help you better understand your dog, and get you ready for class with some fun homework exercises.

Upcoming & Current Classes

--Tuesday, March 12, 2019 is the first class with your dog. (Receive at-home video lesson on 3/5)
(Class ends on 4/9)

--Monday, February 25, 2019, at 6 p.m. is 1st class with your dog (Receive instructional video to watch at home on 2/18)
(Class ends on 3/28/19)

--Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 7:15 p.m. is 1st class with your dog (Receive instructional video to watch at home on 2/5)
(Class ends on 3/12)

--Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 6 p.m. is 1st class with your dog (Receive instructional video to watch at home 1 week prior on 1/22)
(Class ends on 2/26)

--Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 11 a.m. is 1st class with your dog (Receive instructional video to watch at home 1 week prior on 1/24)
(Class ends on 2/28)

 Cost: $185.00 for 6 weeks of class
 including online orientation with instructional video

 This is NOT the right class if your dog barks at other  dogs! Please contact us for ways to help you.

  REGISTRATION: Click here to register for any class.
  (And find out if there are any openings.)

  Read the Class Withdrawal & Refund Policy
 (There are no refunds or credits once class has begun.)

Classroom Structure:

The first class is an online webinar which you will view in the comfort of your home. This video presentation, "How Dogs Think & Learn (Build a Rewarding Partnership With Your Dog and make your training a snap)" will provide important tips and tricks to make your training easier, faster and more effective. You will be given the first of your fun homework assignments which will set you up for success on your first night with your dog.

You will be taught the skills and concepts needed to better understand your dog and how to change annoying behavior problems. Our goal is to help make life with your dog easier and more enjoyable.

FYI: If you want to start the webinar sooner, please let us know. We are happy to send the link as soon as you register for class.

Learn More About the Video Webinar.

The last 5 classes are conducted hands-on at Lucky Dog with your dog. Both spouses/partners are welcome and encouraged to attend class. Teenagers (and mature preteens) are welcome Nice stay! as well.

The Learning Environment:

We want to provide a good environment in which people and dogs can learn comfortably and feel safe. This is NOT an appropriate class for reactive dogs that bark, growl or lunge at other dogs or people. Your dog will be better served in the Reactive Dog class or in a private lesson. (Dogs that strain at their leash to get to other dogs to play are welcome in this class.)

Building a Strong Foundation

In this class your dog will learn to respond to you the first time you ask and you will learn how to change pesky habits like pulling on leash and jumping up. A well-mannered, polite pooch is fun to live with! This class is also important before starting fun dog sports such as agility.

Here is what you will do in class:

• Improve the manners of your favorite pooch.

• Improve basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, go to your mat, and come.

• Solve troublesome problems such as pulling on leash.

• Use impulse control games to teach leave it and other skills to decrease unwanted behaviors such as pulling toward lizards, squirrels or other dogs while on walks.

• Get better attention and focus so your dog will respond to you the first time, even around distractions.

• Teach your dog to work around other dogs and people, and build drive, motivation, and confidence.

• We will show you how to utilize the power of the clicker to teach skills quickly using positive techniques (see more info below).

• You will learn to reward success, not punish mistakes. This results in a dog that has trust and confidence in you and who is eager to learn.

• In the webinar/video, which we provide at no additional fee, we will teach you how to view the world through your dog's eyes, and practice mechanical skills to help improve your training and create quicker success. We will also give you information on how your dog learns which will help with your training in addition to providing understanding about how some behavior problems can be avoided or fixed.

Sign up your dog that is 5 months of age and older (though grads of our Ideal Puppy class may be younger). Class size is limited to 7 dogs so register today! This popular obedience, focus, attention, and impulse control class is held indoors, and your dog attends beginning with week 2 of class.

(This class --or one like it-- is the prerequisite to Intro to Agility, Focus Skills 2, Rally, and Obedience/Performance Dog.)

Class Duration: Class Duration:This class is an hour per week for 5 weeks at Lucky Dog plus your online seminar that you will view at home.

Prerequisite: Your dog must be friendly, or indifferent to dogs and people (no aggressive barking, lunging or growling). In addition, this may not be the right class for dogs that are dramatically afraid of most things in their world. Please call if you have any questions. There are no refunds if you cancel less than 2 days before class begins (unless there is someone to take your place).

Instructor: Mindy Cox, B.S., CPDT-KSA

Course Fee: $185. Class size is limited to 7 dogs. This is one of our most popular classes. If you want a spot, don't wait; sign up today!

CLICK HERE to find out what to bring to class.


What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a powerful yet gentle positive method to train dogs and other animals. This method enhances the development of a strong bond and respect between dog and trainer producing wonderful results. You can literally see how the dog is solving problems and working his way in the learning process step by step, at an accelerated rate. It helps create a THINKING dog who is eager to learn and engage with you.

The clicker helps train your dog up to 40% faster and its use is no longer needed once your dog learns the behavior, so it's a temporary tool.

Clicker training is based on Pavlovian reaction and conditioning. The method uses positive reinforcement as the primary teaching tool and the clicker serves as a marker for the dog when you, the trainer, clicks at the moment that your dog is correct: training clicker"Yes! That was right". A reward (such as a treat) is given immediately after every click, which soon builds a positive association with the click. The sharp click and clear reward help the dog correct his behavior without the need for punishment or scolding.

Worried about the mechanics? Rest assured we will have you expertly clicking on the first night of class with your dog ! Don't forget to bring your treat pouch and clicker or purchase them when you arrive. We will use them to help you become proficient and ready for training your dog.

If you find that the clicker is not for you, we will suggest another method that will be successful for you and your dog.

At Lucky Dog, we think the clicker is a wonderful training tool with which every good trainer should be fluent. We will show you how effectively and kindly it can help train your dog!

Check out the article, "Train Quicker With a Clicker".

 Cost: $185.00

 Class Length: Orientation (at-home video and homework) is 1 hour long & then the
 last 5 classes are 1 hour sessions per week

 Class Size: up to 6 dogs

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  Read the Class Withdrawal & Refund Policy

 Please be sure the schedule and class will work for you  and your dog before registering. There are no refunds, credits or makeups once class  has begun. If you receive the webinar and then need to drop out, you will just be charged for the webinar providing you cancel with enough notice (see the withdrawal policy).

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