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The Enrollment Package contains information about Types of Memberships, Fee Structure, Pooch Pass Enrollment Form, Rules of Use, and Waiver.
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  Club Membership Rules


Club Rules for Lucky Dog Sports

Club Members

Hours of Use by Members
Lucky Dog is open for all club members from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. except for those times or days that a special activity, class, event, or maintenance is planned.
Please observe any posted signs, as well as the calendar on our website, regarding no facility use (sometimes including the day before a special event).
Please check the calendar for availability of use (times and days with no classes and events).

How to Apply for Membership
Return the following signed items to be considered for membership (participation number is limited):
Membership Rules Agreement
Waiver (required to be updated yearly)
Pooch Pass Application
Proof of rabies vaccination

After receiving the above paperwork, your Pooch Pass access card will be mailed to you. To activate it, you must phone or email us upon the receipt of the pass. Your Pooch Pass allows access to the appropriate facility entryways, such as doors and gate. Please allow one to two weeks for processing. Your pass will automatically expire unless you renew your membership.

Persons Permitted to Use the Facility
Only paying club members who have their up-to-date Pooch Pass access card on their person.
The Pooch Pass access card is non-transferable and will be confiscated if found with a non-member.
All members must have an up-to-date signed waiver on file.
All children under the age of 15 must be well behaved and accompanied by an adult.
Children must ask permission before petting members’ dogs
You may bring two human guests to observe. They may not bring their own canine friends.
Your membership is either for use of the agility field, or indoor training room, or both. You can only use the type of facility for which you are signed up and paid for.

Safety First
All dogs must be properly inoculated, including current for the Bordetella vaccine.
Dogs must be healthy and parasite free. Do not bring dogs that are coughing or showing signs of illness
All dogs must be leashed until safely inside the training area, and returned to a leash prior to exiting. Owners must have one leash per dog at all times.
Owners are encouraged to inquire about any dogs off leash that are already in the facility that are unfamiliar to them, prior to entering; this will help prevent altercations.
No dog aggression is allowed - you must keep dog under control at all times.
Owners must immediately leash and remove dogs from the facility at the first sign of aggression, hostile, or combative behavior.
Keep both gates and/or doors closed at all times
No dogs should be left unattended or unsupervised.
For safety and positive training reasons, we strongly discourage pinch (prong) and choke collars. A basic flat buckle collar is recommended. These training collars are prohibited on the agility course.
For the safety of your dog, do not allow your dogs on the contact equipment (A-frame, teeter and dogwalk) unless you have taken agility classes

General Rules
You may NOT use the facility for teaching purposes or for financial gain
Do not open gate for others - they need to use their own Pooch Pass access card
Place all trash and dog waste in the provided trashcans
We are not responsible for personal items left: crates, x-pens, leashes, jackets, etc. Check the lost and found bin.
Do not hook the leash to the fence of dogs that are big or persistent pullers.
Owners must clean up after their dogs. Dispose of waste properly in the designated on-site containers. Discourage your dog from pottying on the agility field. To clean up accidents inside, use the spray disinfectant provided.
Keep barking dogs to a minimum
Try to avoid inadvertent dropping of treats on the field. It is distracting to novice users. Use a secure pouch.
No more than three (3) dogs per person are allowed on any single visit. Dogs that are not being worked with need to be crated or secured.
No glass containers anywhere in agility area
Be courteous of your time using the facility when other members are waiting. If more than one person is present, please practice no more than 10 minutes per person at a time.
Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the facility and inside the fenced training field. Smoking outside of these areas is permitted and butts should be disposed of properly.
No alcoholic beverages
Firearms are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.
Do not park in the spots along the south side of the building. These are reserved for Emergency Pet Care.
No dog shall ever be treated harshly or inhumanely. Membership revocation may ensue.
The facility is under video surveillance.
Please report any problems or concerns to Mindy Cox, Training Director. Contact by email, or phone (561-427-6700)

Before Leaving
Take any personal items
Pick up trash and dog waste
Make sure gates and/or doors are locked and closed properly
Agility field users: Please put away the equipment (unless a course is set up for future use). The tunnels (turn ends down), tunnel holders, and extra table legs, are put away in the designated area at the northwest corner of the building. The chute sleeve is removed from the barrel and placed in the storage bin. The only equipment that can be left on the field includes single jumps (without wings), tables, and the contact equipment. Please do not leave jump bars on the ground for the maintenance crew to accidentally mow over them.
All rally equipment should be put away.
The pole light at the back of the field (west side) should be turned off before you leave. The switch for this light on the agility field is located near the equipment storage area on the northwest corner of the building.
All interior lights should be turned off before you leave.
Bring the thermostat up to 80 degrees.
Turn off the hose near the back door if it's running.

Lucky Dog Sports Club members who fail to comply with any of the established rules and regulations will be subject to revocation of their privileges with no refund of fees. Rules and regulations may be amended in the future.

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